Are you an astrophysicist?

Welcome to your "Are you an astrophysicist?" quiz!

1. Cut off at the energy about 1020 eV called
2. Cosmic ray flux at energies E > 1015 eV is
3. The energy of the "knee" of the cosmic ray energy spectra is
4. With the help of what you can obtain information on space objects?
5. How many reactions in the Sun's core (pp, pep, etc) gives neutrino or antineutrino?
6. How many types of astronomical messenger are known?
7. What is the typical mass of the neutron star?
8. Which of those spasecrafts was first to discover gamma-photons from galactic and extragalactic sources
9. 90% of the cosmic rays are:
10. Strong (enough to detect on the Earth) gravitational wave can be produced in
11. Energy of the ultra-high-energy cosmic rays is
12. When was the first gravitational wave event detected?
13. When was neutrino first discovered?
14. Who discovered the cosmic rays?
15. Which of those mechanisms are involved in birth of the high-energy gamma rays?

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